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In today's highly scrutinized mortgage environment, you can no longer settle for the usual title and settlement provider performance standards. Intense competition, efficiency pressures and regulatory requirements demand that you somehow achieve flawless as well as timely loan execution.

It can be especially challenging to obtain consistent service and efficiencies when working with multiple title and settlement companies of various sizes and coverage. Yet, if you partner with too large of a provider, you lose the personalized approach or must work though layers of complexity to get issues resolved while the clock is ticking on a loan closing.

To achieve superior service levels, consistent execution and close more loans faster, you need an experienced, nationwide title and settlement services partner who understands your needs, and provides uniquely-tailored solutions throughout the entire loan-cycle, not just for isolated processes or coverage areas. We can do that and much more.


The complexity of default management is not surprising, given that the very nature of default means that one is managing exception processing and is highly likely to be dealing with a distressed consumer. Depending on the servicer, support organization and supply chain, these processes can be extremely fragmented, leading to multiple hand-offs and increased probability of elongated turn times and defects.

Learn how LenderLive Settlement Services has engineered a comprehensive process that spans the life cycle of default, eliminating significant waste for the servicer and also providing a better experience for the borrower. .... 
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Seamless data and document integration

Our unique integration of title data with LenderLive Documents Services creates impressive costs savings and powerful efficiencies for the rapid generation of the most accurate loan documents possible.

As a part of LenderLive’s end-to-end mortgage solutions, our full loan life-cycle expertise enables us to foresee challenges throughout the loan process and effectively apply technology to rapidly solve problems and improve your mortgage performance.

You benefit from our:

  • Unique strategic and operational approach combining staff experts and escalation technology for exceptional service and responsiveness
  • Processes and tools to increase your operating efficiency
  • Risk mitigation for the highest-performance settlement services

More than just a data provider

LenderLive Settlement Services excels at managing all your data requirements, from order placement through delivery. Our highly configurable technology gives you systemic controls and ensures you and your borrowers receive exceptional customer service.

A key difference is our ongoing collaboration with you for continuous process improvement within our shop and yours. This approach delivers greater operational control and confidence to complete on-time, error-free loans. Your results are enhanced by our:

  • Skilled staff, with more than 400 combined years of title and settlement expertise
  • Licensing in 38 states and national agency agreements with First American, FNF, WFG and Westcor
  • Three centralized, geographically-diverse operation centers in Denver, Colorado; Madison Heights, Michigan; and Kansas City, Missouri enable coverage of all time zones for multi-state, regional and national lenders and servicers
  • Deep expertise in changing regulatory requirements and systemic controls to help reduce risk

Resolution in 90 minutes or less using our proprietary escalation engine

  • Automated ticket creation from client email
  • Real-time resolution begins immediately and is tracked through completion
  • Scorecard reporting for accountability

Superb borrower experience via collaborative, integrated workflows

  • We orchestrate activities between all transaction parties
  • Defects are minimized for best-in-class responsiveness, turn times and product quality
  • We never forget the importance of your borrowers' relationships and the need for an exceptional borrower experience

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Complete array of nationwide title insurance, title services, closing products with back-office supporting services

Full default title services including foreclosure, loan mods, short sales, due diligence and loan surveillance


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