Transform mortgage operations by reducing costs and risk

Mortgage compliance, complexity and costs – they are not going away. Throughout the industry, there is continual pressure to improve profitability while managing crucial regulatory risk and enhancing operating excellence.

Whether it is new state or federal regulations, investing to align new technology and processes, creating scalability to efficiently meet demand, or maintaining your focus on innovation to meet competition, you need every advantage you can get in the mortgage business.

LenderLive is a leader and unique partner that provides outsourcing solutions and services to help solve the challenges of lenders and servicers. We listen, we understand, and we can help.

Partnering to Solve Today's Mortgage Challenges

Rob Clements, Chairman and CEO shares insights on the growing paradigm in financial services of partnering to expand capabilities and redirecting resources for growth.

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Optimizing Core Competencies and Collaboration

John Surface, President and COO, discusses how lenders and servicers are reevaluating outsourcing as a strategy for non-core but critical parts of their operations.

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We improve efficiencies, reduce operational errors and mitigate risk

At LenderLive, we continually invest in compliance, world-class technology, process management and industry experts so you don’t have to.  You share the ownership cost of building superior capabilities and get relief from bearing the full burden of accelerating compliance costs and complexity. This translates into significant fixed cost savings, improved decision-making and minimized risk for your business.

We offer unique:

  • Technology mortgage solutions driven by lean process design that meet stringent SLAs
  • Fulfillment, secondary marketing, settlement and document services that enable fast, compliant loan closings
  • Ways to enhance satisfaction for you and your customers
  • Solutions to improve profitability and minimize regulatory risk

Vendor oversight, auditing and management is another area driving increased costs, risks and headaches. We understand that. With LenderLive, you can consolidate from multiple, single-purpose vendors to our integrated mortgage loan life-cycle suite of solutions, reducing vendor management costs, audits, and data and document exchange errors.

What we do for you

We are very proud that our clients rely on us each day for thousands of transactions. They also trust us to provide the highest-quality experiences for their valued customers.

As your partner, we transform your day-to-day mortgage operations by delivering services and solutions that reduce costs, enhance operational performance, and mitigate compliance risk. We help you achieve your strategic and operational mortgage goals with our unique blend of innovative technology, superior process management, embedded compliance and in-depth expertise in all phases of the process.

Our complete life-of-loan solutions work together seamlessly or we can tailor them to meet your business needs.

Why partner with LenderLive

Today you face the heightened challenges of improving profitability while managing exacting regulatory risk and rising operating costs. Choosing a key services partner to overcome these challenges is a pivotal decision. You need a real sense of confidence that can only come from the type of sustained, proven results that LenderLive provides.

As a trusted partner, LenderLive helps you achieve your goals by freeing resources and sharing the cost of expertise, process improvement, technology infrastructure and enhancement, and risk mitigation. We support a broad and impressive range of clients, including all of the top ten mortgage companies, 30 of the top Fortune 100, and five of the top ten vehicle finance companies.

Our distinctive strategic approach combines in-depth staff expertise and advanced technology to deliver exceptional service and responsiveness, lean processes and tools to increase your overall operating efficiencies, and risk management capabilities to provide you the highest-performance services.

You can be confident LenderLive will provide the expert, efficient and compliant solutions you need now and for the future.

Reach out to us today to discuss your specific needs and how we can help.


Discover Our Comprehensive Solutions

Private-label mortgage fulfillment with integrated settlement and document services, and secondary marketing services customized to fit your business.

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Full-scale, nationwide origination and default title and settlement services for multi-state, regional and national lenders and servicers.

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Full-cycle, compliant document services with advanced data management including comprehensive document generation and management, and critical borrower communications.

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Compliance Solutions that can be customized or bundled with document fulfillment services to provide complete and flexible choices.

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