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Document Management


Our Document Management solutions convert your mortgage origination and servicing operations into an efficient, paperless, workflow-driven environment. Our highly adaptable platform provides document intake, imaging, recognition and indexing services on more than one million images per day with secure storage of the entire loan file. Our technology and professionals are experts in the recognition of mortgage documents and other banking documents, delivering exceptional indexing accuracy.

We know documents so you don't have to

  • Classification of 1M+ images daily
  • 250M+ documents (~ 1B images) classified to-date
  • 2M+ OCR data values extracted monthly

Client system and data integrations

  • Options include hosted component-based solutions tightly integrated to your existing infrastructure or a comprehensive enterprise content management solution
  • InSight web-based image viewer for immediate, secure online access to stored images
  • TrackRight web-based repository for auditable proof of documents mailed and returned, for both certified and non-deliverable transactions
  • Recognized documents and data returned using direct system-to-system downloads or web links to images that can be framed within client systems
  • Image-enabled business process management (BPM) application drives required workflow based upon image receipt
  • Multiple document intake options all built in 'black-box' model so your system of record can remain just that. Simplest forms of integration to our data platform are:
  • Fax transmission direct from the borrower
  • SFTP file transfer
  • Client upload into the image viewer

Mailroom Services

You can avoid the costs and hassles of receiving and processing borrower correspondence by taking advantage of our complete mailroom services.

  • Secure daily mail pick-up from client-specific USPS post office box and mail receiving service at our mailroom facilities
  • Envelope opening and contents prep for scanning
  • Digital image of each page created, with all envelope contents grouped into a single image file delivered to a client-specific folder for your downloading
  • Original envelope contents returned to you or your documents custodian
  • Checks contained in envelopes forwarded daily to your lockbox using your designated courier

Form Recognition, Data Extraction and Comparison

Process efficiencies

Once received within our secure, reliable network, our DocData engines automatically recognize the forms and identify all of your relevant data points. Any exception-based processing required is then efficiently performed by our trained with accuracy and timeliness measurements geared to your business needs.

With our experienced staff performing the document-level review and quality assurance, you can redeploy your more expensive resources to job functions other than document processing. Coupled with the document intake and recognition tools, InSight image viewer provides scalable and secure online access to any image when using our image storage.

Document perfection

You can receive additional document perfection analytics through our business process management (BPM) applications. Our team can review any document that requires more than just accurate recognition and data extraction and determine that the borrower accurately completed the form.

  • Document recognition and data extraction services from standard and unique document types deliver client-specified document types and data points from both structured and unstructured documents
  • Data comparison tools analyze expected critical data points values against each image; highlighted discrepancies pinpoint your escalation points immediately
  • Simple solutions for returning recognized documents and data using direct system-to-system response through an asynchronous SFTP download or, in a hosted solution, through web links to the image that can be framed within your systems


InSight is a secure and configurable web-based image viewer that allows authorized client users to view and retrieve mortgage documents that have been classified through LenderLive's DocData platform. The document and loan package upload portal creates a seamless submission option for DocData users.

  • Supports Client Private Label
  • Search functionality across available loan data
  • Client site administration to create custom system views and user permissions
  • Flexible Image Retention Terms

Business Process Management (BPM) customized workflows

Our comprehensive BPM provides perfected documentation and processes built to support rock-solid regulatory compliance. Our compliance review and fulfillment of solicitation and acknowledgment notices, and notices to manage borrower response packages, help advance operational efficiency and minimize risk.

  • Image-enabled BPM application can drive required workflow based upon image receipt
  • Data captured drives workflow and questions posed to user in LEAN work-driven process

Services include:

  • Solicitation and acknowledgment notices
  • Borrower response packages
  • Loan modification, short sale/deed-in-lieu and forbearance
  • Fully integrated title data and endorsement issuance
  • Automated perfection of signed instruments
  • Print and digital delivery mechanisms

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