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At LenderLive, we understand the complex regulatory challenges facing companies in the financial services industry and provide solutions to help you better manage both risk and costs. Our industry-leading solutions can be bundled as comprehensive services or tailored to your specific needs as an à la carte customized solution.

The LenderLive Compliance Solutions team partners with nearly all of the top 10 financial services companies nationwide. If you want trusted and proven compliance expertise, without the cost of hiring additional experts or increasing your need to leverage outside counsel, LenderLive has the solution.


There is little debate that compliance serves a purpose and strengthens lending organizations, consumers, and the economy overall. However, financial institutions are now re-evaluating their processes and looking for standardized tools and services that can help increase efficiencies while decreasing their risk.... Download article here.


Customized Compliance Solutions: Choose a targeted solution

Even companies with a reliable compliance team and management system in place often need support with one or more aspects of their operation. That’s why we also provide our solutions on a customizable, à la carte basis, allowing clients to access our services as needed.

Monitoring all the state and federal regulations is difficult enough without having to also manage the templates with their required varied degrees of nuance. With LenderLive’s Customized Compliance Solutions, we can help you tailor a package of solutions to meet those challenges and provide other solutions that you need to meet the escalating demands of regulatory compliance.

LenderLive's Customized Compliance Solutions offers:

  • Monitoring and reporting on legislative and regulatory changes
  • Template Libraries with standardized sets of federal and state borrower notices, on-going template updates, or compliance reviews of your notices
  • Custom research and consulting

For clients that need a more complete solution, we offer our comprehensive bundle that provides all the key compliance services including our customized solutions and more.

Comprehensive Compliance Solutions: Your best value

Many of the leaders in the mortgage and vehicle finance industries look to LenderLive Comprehensive Compliance Solutions as an end-to-end approach to helping them reduce risk and improve efficiency. When you select our bundled comprehensive solution, you can leverage our Customized Compliance Solutions and the best-in-class LenderLive Document Services that are designed to deliver efficiencies across the entire document cycle, including fulfillment, tracking, returns, and storage.

This means that we not only monitor and keep you updated on new regulatory requirements, but we can implement the regulations into your operations with the necessary updates or customization to your templates, mailing schedules and data requirements. These services also come with unique operational controls and resources with access to TrackRight, our proprietary tracking soluiton to keep you informed each step of the way.

By choosing LenderLive Comprehensive Compliance Solutions, you receive all the services listed under our customized solutions in addition to the below exclusive benefits which are not available as à la carte options:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Access to our Compliance team for consultation and guidance
  • Ongoing HUD list maintenance
  • Optional compliance warranty
  • Document Services with fulfillment
  • Industry-leading SLA performance

Keep your templates in compliance

With so many regulations surrounding your borrower communications, making sure your templates meet all of the state and federal requirements is a high-stakes, full-time job. At LenderLive, we’ve pioneered a suite of services that take the risk out of using templates to communicate with your borrowers.

From reviewing your current templates to maintaining libraries that offer standardized sets of borrower notices, we work tirelessly to update our resources according to new regulations and industry best practices. After identifying a new requirement, we notify our clients and work with them to help bring their templates into compliance immediately.

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Stay on top of important legislation with regulatory monitoring

When legislation affecting your business is enacted, we take immediate steps to communicate new state and federal legislative and regulatory developments, including regulatory updates from the CFPB. We deliver expert analysis you can’t find anywhere else, straight to your inbox.

At LenderLive, we keep our clients informed of services and products designed to convey the most urgent news and analysis from statehouses and regulatory bodies across the nation. These include:

  • Client Alerts that provide timely email communications of federal and state legislative and regulatory changes.
  • Legislative Bulletins that deliver a summary report of key legislation, including the status of bills that we are tracking.
  • Compliance Webinars that frequently include regulators and other industry stakeholders, as well as our experts, providing industry updates and analysis on relevant legislation.

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Put our experts to work on your most urgent compliance concerns

With vast experience navigating the shifting compliance landscape, our team partners with clients on custom research, consulting and process review projects. Whether you need special analysis or want to accelerate implementation, our compliance experts are here to support your team with the answers they need to manage the risks of regulatory compliance.

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50-State template library with standardized sets of borrower notices that comply with applicable federal and state regulations in mortgage origination, servicing, loss mitigation and default

Timely reporting of new state and federal legislative and regulatory and judicial developments, including regulatory updates from the CFPB

Comprehensive research, consulting, and process review to reduce implementation times and better manage regulatory compliance risks


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